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What you should know about the do’s and don’ts of Bankruptcy

In discussing the do’s and don’ts of bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy is a decision that has been rated top among the hardest financial decisions you can actually take in your lifetime, especially when you find yourself in a very tight financial situation. Depending mainly on how it is handled, it could turn out to be […]

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Bankruptcy to the Rescue

Are you struggling presently with debts? Have you made up your mind about how to fix or handle these debt issues? If you have explored every other option and nothing seems to work, then it is time for you to consider filing for bankruptcy. Yes, if you have decided to tread this part, then you […]

November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments More

The Truth about Self Help Credit Repair

A lot of people have experienced some sort of bruises in the current situation of the economy. A lot of events have brought about unemployment, rise in prices of commodities and rise of other expenses. Most of the time, people keeps on purchasing things on credit but have little or no means of paying them. […]

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Benefits of Having a Credit Repair

Credit repairs are hardly thought of; since not all people realize its need in their successive transactions. The only time they find it necessary is either when they apply for a certain loan or a new credit card. At this moment, you will think of finding quick ways to get a clean credit record. Just […]

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How To Dispute An Error For Credit Repair

Sometimes your credit report might feature an error that could impact your credit. This can be common due to the fact that a credit reporting bureau will be responsible for a large amount of data regarding thousands of different people each day. Fortunately, you can dispute an error on a report. This can help you […]

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60% of People Have Errors on Their Credit Report That Crush Their Credit Scores

It’s true and I was shocked the first time I heard that stat.  According to Lexington Law Firm, approximately 60% of people have incorrect information reporting to the credit bureaus that is negatively impacting their credit score.  Items such as late payments, collections and charge offs are oftentimes nothing more than a mistake no one […]

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