Credit Bureaus

Tips on Removing Collections

It is very important to know that collections aren’t the best things to show up on  your  credit report.  Yes, this is so in spite of a collection affecting one’s credit report less severely over the years since this entry remains in your credit report for up to seven “good” years for creditors as well […]

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Knowing more about the credit bureaus

Credit bureaus as you might already know are companies that provide information on consumers borrowing as well as bill paying habits. These institutions which include Equifax, TransUnion as well as Experian generate the credit reports of people and their financial or credit score. And are the places where banks, including other financial institutions, charge card […]

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What do credit bureaus do?

It would not be an exaggeration if it is said that the credit bureaus through one way or the other, dictate the financial standings of several people.  This brings up the question, what do credit bureaus do? Presently, a lot of people have missed out on opportunities of getting loans or even securing good paying […]

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