My Credit Story – Emily Spencer

I borrowed heavily to pay for college. When I graduated I had over $60,000 in student loans and credit card debt.

It was so easy to get in over my head. Credit card companies made it so easy to get a credit card whenever I needed extra cash…I don’t regret going to college, but I do regret being foolish with my money.

I only had a part-time job waiting tables and found it was impossible to make my credit card payments on time. I tried working with my creditors but they ignored new payment arrangements and charged outrageous fees and interest.

After missing a few of my payments, the credit card companies charged off the accounts and sent them to collection agencies. They destroyed my credit score by putting late payments, charge offs, and collection items on my credit reports.

My credit score plunged to 594. The bad credit made it impossible for me to get approved for any new credit. Bankers called me a deadbeat and my friends thought I was irresponsible.

I assumed that my bad credit would disappear eventually. However, federal laws say that bad credit stays for seven years.

I knew I would need a new car soon so I was feeling really desperate about my situation. I was one step away from having a total meltdown.

I was also extremely stressed from having to get a new job. I was terrified that bad credit would stop me from getting a new job. I saw a news article that said most companies would do a credit check before hiring me.

They assume you are a drug addict or a thief if you have bad credit.

A close friend went through the same situation and had Credit Repair Attorneys fix her credit score. I discovered that these credit experts are able to fix almost any bad credit – including charge offs, collections, late payments, and even bankruptcy.

I enrolled in the same program and saw progress almost overnight. In fact, they deleted three credit card charge offs in just 11 days!

It gave me hope to see my credit score improve. The first month it went up 56 points, and then another 24 points, and then another 77 points. Pretty soon I was like Wow! I can’t believe I have a 745 credit score!

score tracking
Credit Repair Attorneys erased 98% of my bad credit and helped improve my score to 745. I was certain some of the negative items would be impossible to remove. But I was wrong. Take a look at some of my real deletion letters.
image description
image description
It was a great feeling to go car shopping knowing that my credit score was so high. I didn’t have to worry about getting approved. I knew that with a credit score of 745 the banks would be approve me with no problem.
My old beat up Escort. My new Ford Explorer
Here is a picture of my new Ford Explorer – financed at a low rate thanks to the help I got from Credit Repair Attorneys. They raised my credit score from 594 to 745 and erased 98% of my bad credit. I’d personally recommend them to anyone looking to improve their credit.