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Types of bankruptcies

In talking about bankruptcy, you should know that there are three main types of bankruptcies just in case you are considering filing for one. We have the chapter seven, chapter eleven and chapter thirteen bankruptcies and they come with their differences and when you know these differences, it helps you in making an informed decision […]

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Becoming credit wise after bankruptcy

Prior to 2005, applicants for bankruptcy were not mandated to complete any type of pre-bankruptcy credit counseling or post-bankruptcy financial management courses thereby increasing the chances of the person not managing his or her funds properly after bankruptcy. But the code was changed in 2005 and these requirements became mandatory if you are filing for […]

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Bankruptcy and what it stands for

When you hear about filing for bankruptcy, what readily comes to your mind? When you file for bankruptcy, it allows you, whether a man or woman, in extreme financial difficulties the privilege of wiping his or her slate clean as far as debt cancellation and a new start is concerned. Not only that, it also […]

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