You Can Contact An Individual Creditor For Credit Repair

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Sometimes it is best to contact a credit reporting agency for your credit repair needs. In other cases it might be best to contact the creditor that you are having a dispute with. You can get in touch with an individual creditor to make it so your credit report will be fixed. This may be easier to handle than going all the way out to a reporting agency for help.

You can easily get into a credit reporting dispute with any creditor. These can include individual banks or card companies. This is a great feature that has been introduced thanks to recent changes in credit reporting and disputing laws.

This can work in that you can write a letter of dispute to the creditor. This should include all of the details on the error that you are disputing and evidence that suggests that the error should be corrected as soon as possible.

The creditor will have to respond to you in thirty days or less. The creditor can then report to a credit reporting agency or bureau about fixing the error in the event that it needs to be corrected.

This is great because it will be easier for you to get a creditor to review what you are getting into. Sometimes a credit bureau can be severely backlogged when it comes to complaints. The amount of complaints that individual creditors might have can be substantially less. Besides, a creditor can always get in direct contact with a credit reporting agency if an error needs to be corrected.

Also, you can get a creditor contacted in the event that the credit reporting bureau that you could have dealt with has checked your concern and has found it to be accurate. It may be easier for you to get the right result if you deal with the creditor directly.

It should be noted that a reporting bureau must be contacted even if you are dealing with your creditor for credit repair. This is because of the need to contact the bureau after the error is reviewed.

Be sure to consider contacting the creditor that your error is with if you want to get your credit repair needs handled. It may be easier and more effective to deal with a creditor in question in the event that you need to fix an error on your report. Your creditor can also take care of the contact with a credit reporting bureau for you.

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